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This Blog Could Soon Be Realer…

By Alexander C. Kaufman

Gregory Lamb has whetted our lips for a coming technological phenomenon: augmented reality.  In his latest post in Innovation, a technology blog, he provides five different examples of computerized perception, be it with glasses, iPhone applications, scannable baseball cards, among others.  The brief summary of augmented reality which began the post was almost the only text in the article, the overviews of the examples being Youtube videos.

Though Lamb promises a full article next week, the videos exemplify the diverse range of products available to computerize everyday life.  A BMW technician dons a pair of glasses which digitally instruct him on how to do repairs.  An iPhone user in London seeks out a nearby Underground station on the smart phone’s screen.  By imaging a parcel in available shipping box sizes, a US Postal Service customer selects the best fit.  Esquire magazine premiers a barcoded publication with interactive features for the computer.  A baseball card collector plays a miniature videogame with his cards.  Gamers are enthralled with tags that activate 3D action figures onscreen.

Needless to say, virtual reality is no longer the mere plaything of arcade-goers and science fictionists.  And as it is further synthesized into everyday life, so is electronic storytelling into journalism.  While the post contains little text besides an introductory summary and a title for each video, the videos themselves provide the meat of the article.

And moreover, Lamb shows the variety and breadth of available products and just how accessible a digitalized view of the world has become.

Here are the videos:


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