The Non-Silence of the Lamb

By Alexander C. Kaufman

Little has kept Gregory Lamb, a Christian Science Monitor (CSM) staff writer and editor, silent.  His hefty portfolio of articles includes movie and book reviews, cutting-edge technology reports and environmental blogging.  But the diversity of his beat is itself a testament to the multi-faceted specialization media-consumers have come to expect of online journalists.

The Internet age has redefined the New York minute, setting new standards for brevity and quickness and a front page story is usually outdated before the newspaper even goes to print.  So with the CSM, formerly a print daily, adapting to its new business plan–daily online editions and emails, weekly print edition–Lamb’s multiple blogs on environment and technology play an integral part.

But take his latest articles for example. There are few links, other than the author, between his most recent review of Barbara Ehrenreich’s new book “Bright-Sided” and his preceding blog posting about the future of online college, published within a few days of each other.

And yet veteran news-media analyst Tom Rosenstiel recently told Lamb that the term “blogging” is a dying word denoting a thriving informational tour-de-force.  According to a study Lamb reported on, newspapers are becoming increasingly more like blogs, and vice versa.  With bureaux, editors and staff writers, many big-time blogs such as The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast are beginning to resemble their yellowing forebears.  Meanwhile periodicals like the CSM, which was founded as a daily in 1908 and effectively became a weekly in April 2009, are facelifting their businesses by integrating blogs with their usual Web articles.

In subsequent postings, this blog will specifically analyze the work of Gregory Lamb, tracking how his innovative beat mirrors the innovativeness expected of and by his employers and a 21st-century audience.  As long as Lamb keeps posting, this blog will keep posting; so keep posted.


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